David had been a member of Glasgow Credit Union for over 10 years when he became one of the first people to open a current account with them. Glasgow Credit Union provides services to people who live or work in Glasgow.

“Glasgow Credit Union has always helped me manage my finances in the past, so when I received my newsletter saying that they were going to be offering a current account I phoned up straight away for an application form” says David.

Within a few months, David had already noticed a big difference between his new Glasgow Credit Union Current Account and his old bank account.

“A direct debit was due to come off my GCU current account, and I didn’t have enough funds in my account to cover it. Luckily, GCU phoned me to advise of this, and then transferred funds from my credit union savings account into my current account to cover the direct debit.

“My old bank would have hit me with about £50 worth of charges. If I didn’t have money in my account to meet a direct debit then I would incur charges and go into unauthorised overdraft, which they’d charge me for. It was never ending. The Glasgow Credit Union Current Account is so different and has been a big help.”

Lone parent Eula contacted Lewisham Plus Credit Union when she received a letter about its services, as she had problems meeting a large bill for water rates and was receiving threatening letters from the water company.

At the time she did not have any savings, could not afford to pay the £200 - and was threatened with further court costs.

As a lone parent and in receipt of state benefits, Eula was also concerned about the cost of Christmas, and was worried that she may sink into debt.

Eula joined the credit union and started saving for the first time, she also took out a £400 flexi-loan. The credit union sent a cheque for £200 directly to the water company, saving additional court costs, and Eula put the rest towards the cost of Christmas.

Eula arranged for her benefits to be paid directly to the credit union, and was able to repay her loan at an affordable £20 a month.